FKUR הוקמה ב 1992 כמוסד מחקר בתחום המיחזור.

בשנת 2003 בשיתוף מכון Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT ותחת הלוגו  Plastics – made by nature ,

 התפתחה FKUR בתחום תרכובי הפלסטיק המתכלה ופלסטיק ממקור מתחדש.

כיום, FKUR היא מובילה בעולם בתחום הביופלסטיק -  

Biodegradable , Compostable and Biobased Plastics



תחת מוצרי החברה, מוגדרים 3 תחומי תרכובים העיקריים :

- PLA/Co-polyester-Blends , trade name Bio-Flex ®
- Cellulose ester Blends , trade name Biograde ®
- Plastic-Wood-Compounds, trade name Fibrolon ®

להלן פירוט סוגי התרכובים השונים והאפליקציות להן הם מיועדים

Bio-Flex ®
Biodegradable PLA-Blends
Bio-Flex ® film compounds are innovative PLA / copolyester blends.
The excellent processing qualities stem from the outstanding compatibility

of the polymeric components polylactic acid (PLA) and the biodegradable copolyester.

This new material can be processed on conventional blow moulding lines

without the need for laborious adjustments to screws, dies and take offs.

Since the polymer compound is perfectly homogeneous,

the resultant blow-moulded film can be stretched down to gauges of 8µm.

A further plus are the haptic properties that outclass those of biodegradable

film made of pure polyester or polyester filled with thermoplastic starch.

Bio-Flex ® film compounds are characterized by a broad range of

processing temperature of about 60°C. Moreover, the extrusion temperature

is significantly higher than those of other biodegradable film compounds.

The cleaning of screws is thereby simplified and change of material,

e.g. from PE to Bio-Flex ®, is possible in shortest time.

Bio-Flex ® film compounds are produced with a high percentage of

renewable resources. Bio-Flex ® blends contain NatureWorks® PLA.
Films of Bio-Flex ® can be printed with conventional print technology

and without corona treatment.

These films may be dyed by master batches without difficultie.



Biograde ®
Biodegradable Cellulose Compounds
Biograde ® Compounds are innovative Cellulose blends.
Their range finds wide applications: manufacture of injection moulded parts,

cast films and transparent and stretched films.

Biograde ® Compounds combine high performance, ease of processing

and remarkable mechanical properties.


This class of bioplastics represents a perfect compromise between

the opposing demands of effective biodegradability on the one hand

and food resistance and high thermal stability on the other hand.

Biograde ® Compounds consist predominantly of renewable resources,

but do not contain starch or starch derivatives





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